Dead men had such a difficult time staying dead in this realm, Haywood thinks savagely. "Spectres are not meant to take the throne," he spits, fingers clenching into fists. 
"And neither are false gods," The voices echo back, though the phantom remains silent, watching. "Yet, by your laws of gold and treachery, the crown should be mine.”
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will you walk into my parlour
jack preps for the fake AH crew vs. LSPD war B^) i wonder who will win…
"I thought I asked for a maestro, not a boy from the Fratellanza," Jack groused, eyeing the newcomer’s wide grin and rich brocades amidst assassin whites.
The man bowed with a flourish, still smiling. “Well met, Master Pattillo. Gavino Free, at your service — or Gavin, if you’d prefer.” His accent was decidedly not Italian, save for a subtle trill in his vowels.  
"Niceties later, maestro Free,” Jack replied wearily, motioning for Gavin to follow him, “—word’s reached us of trouble along the Neches…

to become a god, you must devour one’s heart

how serendipitous king ryan pt.2 and valentine’s day coincide……  have a bloody valentine, everyone (●´∀`)ノ♡