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[WARRIORS - IMAGINE DRAGONS plays aggressively in the background]
“You see that tree? Forget about that tree." 
don’t look at me
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Draw what you wear!!
- Everyday outift- At home outfit - Special occasion outfitIf 

i’ll just leave this to anyone that wants to try it instead of circle-tagging HAHA

"People are starting to whisper of a spectre with a dead king’s face," Gavin muses, idly sharpening the blade of his sword. He watches Geoff exhale, eyes searching skyward.
"The little dragon Enderlord has come out to play," the First replies dryly, "—and it bodes ill for all of us."

ft. simplycrazyhunter..! been wanting to doodle this since i found out what his minecraft skin was!!
the end of summer