OKAY so i was giving kings prints away but i saved one last copy of each for a super quick giveaway!
i am still so grateful for all the kind comments & support i’ve received from rt fans over the past year, so here’s your last chance at getting these assortment of posters, incl. the last 3 which were meant for barbara & lindsay only !! ★★★
one reblog, one like only, international is a-okay, must follow me (i dont.. know why you would enter otherwise if you dont like my art @@), ends on sept 12! THANK YOU EVERYONE, ONCE AGAIN 💕💕
backless leather outfit (ↀ∀ↀ)✧
flightless no more
[12x18” print]
hot hot summer
commission from a while back! how many times have i drawn bust shots of these guys now… 
the bear and the firebird